Forged souvenirs

Today the market is overflowing with offers for the sale of souvenirs and gifts, but one always wants to find something new and unusual from the samples offered in the catalogs that can surprise and conquer. Artistic forging belongs to such products.

The choice of such goods is endless, thanks to the peculiarities of the metal, which, under the influence of fire and the hammer of a skilled craftsman, can take any shape. For colleagues and partners, you can choose a decor with a professional theme or a company logo. Such a gift will decorate any office and bring to it an atmosphere and noble appearance created only by forged products. For women, the options for interior decorations for the kitchen or decorative items for the house are excellent. Candelabra made in a floral motif, small figurines, stands for chains, bracelets and necklaces, as well as sturdy and reliable kitchen utensils, wall or table bottle holders and much more.

Men give preference to more brutal and practical items, such as barbecues made in numerous creative performances. They often take images of motorcycles and special equipment, ships and submarines, rams and wild boars, chests and barrels. Equally popular presentations include amulets, corkscrews, wood burning stoves, fireplace sets with a poker and a brush, toolboxes, bells, key rings, ashtrays and various figures.

Unusual crafts forged by the hands of blacksmiths can be picked up not only for newlyweds for a wedding, but also for a boss or a friend. Horseshoes for luck, plates for rings, flower vases, figurines in the form of hearts and angels, candlesticks, swords, swords, shields and other weapons. All this is made by hand according to individual orders. Even the palace halls were decorated with such exclusive things. Kings and emperors were pleased with such gifts. Many forged masterpieces and exhibits have survived to this day, which once again confirms the durability of metal products. They do not require special approaches for storage, due to processing with special blacksmith enamels and varnishes, they are resistant to moisture and changes in air temperature.

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