Garden forging

Forged products for the garden and cottages are very popular due to their strength, reliability and unsurpassed decorative properties. We develop sketches and create a wide range of metal products and structures for parks and country houses: sculptures, carts, cannons, carriages, swings, gazebos, arches, flower beds and much more.

Varieties of garden decor

The list of products for landscape decoration has many positions. Art Forge produces magnificent bridges, benches, pergolas and gazebos, flower beds, small architectural forms and garden decor, sculptural compositions and fountains. All items are made by hand according to the projects of high-class designers, which gives them cultural and aesthetic value.
Our products are made by hand hot forging. To prevent corrosion, we use galvanizing or immersion in molten zinc. Painting is carried out with industrial two-component marine enamels, which guarantee metal protection from rust.

Advantages of forged products

Artistic forging is popular for a number of reasons:

  • The service life with correct operation is not limited;
  • Does not require complex maintenance and regular restoration;
  • Resistant to stress and physical stress;
  • Not afraid of rain and snow, high humidity and temperature extremes.

Art Forge is a reliable partner!

Why you need to order from us:

We carry out a full cycle from the development of sketch drawings and visualization to manufacturing and installation;

The best value for money in St. Petersburg and Moscow;

Own production, in-house artists and top-class blacksmiths;

We use only high quality materials;

Guarantee for goods made to order up to 50 years;

We love art and blacksmithing and strive for excellence in our profession.

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