Beautiful wrought-iron awnings are rightly considered one of the most important decorative elements for buildings. Placed above the main entrance, they immediately catch the eye, so it is important to take a responsible approach to the development of an artistic solution. When designing, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors: dimensions, proportions of buildings and the surrounding area, general style, visual image, fastening methods and other technological issues.

Forged Visor Senator КК-1

Baroque canopy

Цена: from 11000$ per piece More detailsCalculate
Кованый козырек в стиле неорококо

Forged visor Budapest КК-2

Neo-rococo visor

Цена: from 3060$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Visor Chateau de Marbomont КК-3

Eclectic visor

Цена: from 3050$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Kikuit КК-4

Eclectic visor

Цена: from 3596$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованый козырек в СПб

Forged visor Sea crown КК-5

Eclectic visor

Цена: from 3100$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Rhode Island Visor КК-6

Gothic Revival Visor

Цена: from 2565$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate
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Forged visor White nights КК-7

Baroque canopy

Цена: from 2920$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Laurel КК-8

Eclectic visor

Цена: from 3800$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Chestnut КК-9

Rococo visor

Цена: from 1640$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Prague КК-10

Art Nouveau visor

Цена: from 1520$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Paris КК-11

Baroque canopy

Цена: from 1300$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Fairy tale КК-12

Classic visor

Цена: from 1280$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Stenbock-Fermor Visor КК-13

Art Nouveau visor

Цена: from 2800$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Hungary КК-14

Baroque canopy

Цена: from 2900$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Astra КК-15

Baroque canopy

Цена: from 2400$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Petersburg КК-16

Rococo visor

Цена: from 1390$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Wrought Iron Visor Washington КК-17

Eclectic visor

Цена: from 2368$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Forged visor Flora КК-18

Visor in the author's style

Цена: from 1764$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate
Кованый козырек

Visor Art КК-19

Eclectic visor

Цена: from 900$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate
Ковка козырек

Slavic visor КК-20

Classic style visor

Цена: from 600$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Purpose of visors

It is difficult to imagine a facade without a visor, because its placement is an appropriate measure to ensure the safety of people during the passage into the premises.

It protects from flying icicles and snowballs, shelters the exit from rain, prevents the formation of ice and snow on the porch.

In addition, it can be a magnificent decoration of the entrance. Blacksmith sheds are traditionally installed over the front doors of hotels, inns, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops, as well as decorate historic residential and public buildings. In addition, interesting author\`s projects can be found on private households.

Forged canopy manufacturing technologies

For their manufacture, high-quality steel is taken, but there are options using copper and brass parts. Main material: steel and sometimes copper sheet products of various thicknesses, straight and rolled profile pipes, square, round and strip.

Decorative fragments are forged and minted hot. The assembly of the prepared frame, roof, tops and brackets is carried out by semi-automatic, TIG or electric arc welding. When connecting components, rivets and clamps are also used.

It should be noted that their operation takes place in street conditions, moreover, pieces of ice falling from the roofs oblige to provide for a significant margin of safety. The price of a forged visor often depends on the quality level. The more expensive the raw materials, the higher the total cost. We advise not to skimp on reliability, but to use a thick-walled metal profile and a thick sheet of steel. To protect against rust, we recommend galvanizing ferrous metal and applying a special primer that has good adhesion to zinc. After that, cover with professional paints.

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Faithful adherence by the craftsmen to the methods and methods of production, processing and painting, allows our smithy to guarantee a long-term service life of forged canopies over the entrance.

And knowledge of the traditions and the most diverse styles of forging will help to embody any of your ideas or recognized masterpiece in metal.

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