Crosses and fences

For most people, it is very important to remember their departed relatives, to honor them not only in word, but also in deed. The place of their burial is considered to be a revered memorial object. It is also important how it is arranged. This speaks of sincere love and care. Wrought-iron fences and monuments have a special beauty, while not carrying the characteristic mourning. Even if they are made in the simplest and lightest design, the reliability and long-term preservation of their original image is an obvious advantage.

In the stylistic solution, the fences are installed in a single ensemble with other items installed on this site. Products are made according to traditional blacksmithing technologies. Cold forging, stamping and casting simplifies the manufacturing process, here the finished elements are welded together in the workshop and mounted on the tombstone. Hot, more creative, made by hand according to sketch drawings, the pattern can be made both in the style of the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, and in modern minimalism, combinations of metal with stone and glass are possible.

A perfect harmonious combination with a metal fence will make a cross forged by a blacksmith according to the artist\'s sketch. This is the main Christian symbol that reminds us of the immortality of the soul and the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The artistic expression of such works is very diverse. Images of angels, floral motifs such as climbing vines and bunches of grapes, lianas and flowers of roses, lilies, carnations, orchids, chamomile, irises are used. Sometimes fish, birds of the Garden of Eden, curls and symbolic ethnic ornaments are minted. They are carried out on the basis of the samples already proposed by the designer or according to the individual preferences of the customer. At the end they are covered with gray, black, marble or gilded enamel. In some cases, patina is used, which gives the decorative effect of aging.

The advantages of forged from steel and cast from cast iron figures lie in the special properties of the materials. They are able to maintain a neat and beautiful appearance for many years. Taking into account the natural conditions of our northern latitudes, it is necessary to apply additional treatment of metal structures with special anti-corrosion agents, such as galvanizing and two-component epoxy and polyurethane paints. Such a surface does not require constant maintenance, which helps to save money and time required for restoration.

Stopping your choice on compositions from a forged fence and a cross for installation in a cemetery, you will carefully reflect the memories of the deceased and decorate the grave for many years.

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