Wrought iron stairs

Stairs are considered one of the main decorations of any building, carrying not only decorative but also practical functions. They transform architecture, complementing it with a living artistic solution. When designing a structure, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors: the size, proportions of buildings and the surrounding area, general style, visual image, technological issues.

Varieties of stairs

Marches are an integral part of any residential structure built on several levels, therefore there are quite a large number of types and set of methods for their manufacture.

In accordance with the architectural design, they are:

  • straight,
  • swivel,
  • radius.

They are made of reinforced concrete, metal, wood, and also using a combination of these materials. We make reliable simple and spiral staircases on a metal frame.

Metal ladder manufacturing technologies

As the main raw material used in the construction of a metal frame and pattern, black metal products are used: round and shaped pipes, bars. Steel steps can be made by forging, locksmithing with PVL filling, or by casting cast iron. Assembly is carried out by welding.
The conditions in which the ladders are operated, depending on the tasks and place of installation, are very different. Outdoor ones are used in unfavorable climatic zones with the influence of snow, rain, hail and icing, which makes it necessary to resort to additional anti-corrosion protection. We use high quality industrial primer and two-pack marine paints.

Advantages of ordering metal structures in the forge

  • quality assurance;
  • delivery, we make installation and installation supervision throughout Russia.

Art Forge will offer you various designs in the spirit of classic masterpieces, or we will make an exclusive model in your chosen style.

Video about forging balusters for fences:

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