Chandeliers and sconces

Forged chandeliers and sconces are unique and original design solutions. They are becoming more and more popular every year. These items of artistic forging take us back to the times of medieval castles, but at the same time preserving harmony and comfort in a modern interior.

Today, thanks to our high skills in blacksmithing, we can produce chandeliers in any style. We develop and implement complex individual projects that are difficult to repeat, we recreate copies of the lighting elements of royal palaces and rich royal halls using new technologies and electrical safety rules.
These designs of lighting fixtures are made of rolled steel, brass, cast iron, copper and bronze. They can be made with simple lines inherent in hi-tech, avant-garde and minimalism, as well as with florid and lacy baroque and rococo ornaments. There are a variety of lamps of this type.
Forged and hand-assembled chandeliers for cathedrals and temples, ceiling and wall interior lamps have significant advantages. They are fireproof, strong, reliable and durable, due to their versatility they will become an integral part of the architectural and decorative design of the building\`s interior space. The exclusivity and uniqueness of such works is considered a kind of hallmark of the homeowner\`s wealth and excellent taste.

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