Loft furniture

Loft furniture is distinguished by its massive and fairly simple design. It is assembled from powerful metal and wood elements that combine the perfect balance of proportions. The trend originated in the industrial districts of New York – its production halls, warehouses, factories and factories; became an attribute of attics. From here, the feeling of trial strength and massiveness of shelves, tables, chairs and even decor is inherited.

Steel etiquette СЛ-1

Loft furniture set

Цена: from 7200$ per set More detailsCalculate

Sequoia СЛ-2

Big slab table

Цена: from 6200$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Rosewood СЛ-3

Big slab table

Цена: from 5320$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Loft West Table СЛ-4


Цена: from 4800$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Chinese ceremony СЛ-5

Table with chairs

Цена: from 6200$ per set More detailsCalculate

White rose table СЛ-6

Furniture set

Цена: from 7240$ per set More detailsCalculate
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Bar furniture set СЛ-7

Furniture set

Цена: from 6520$ per set More detailsCalculate

Spruce branch table СЛ-8

Furniture set

Цена: from 5200$ per set More detailsCalculate

Chairs Indigo СЛ-9

Chair set

Цена: from 3580$ per set More detailsCalculate

Simple table СЛ-10

Big slab table

Цена: from 3600$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Laurel table СЛ-11

Big slab table

Цена: from 4200$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Classic table СЛ-12

Big slab table

Цена: from 7200$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Design table СЛ-13

Big slab table

Цена: from 7100$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Classic table СЛ-14


Цена: from 3980$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Rook table СЛ-15

Big slab table

Цена: from 7600$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Larch table СЛ-16


Цена: from 3900$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Crosshair table СЛ-17

Slab table

Цена: from 6800$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Industrial table СЛ-18

Design table

Цена: from 4820$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Table Original loft СЛ-19

Slab table

Цена: from 3580$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Chair and table attachment СЛ-20

Table with chair

Цена: from 3900$ per set More detailsCalculate

Small loft table СЛ-21

Big slab table

Цена: from 3200$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Loft Jean Chair СЛ-22


Цена: from 2900$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Furniture set Geometry СЛ-23

Furniture set

Цена: from 4800$ per set More detailsCalculate

Chair in loft style Fashion СЛ-24


Цена: from 3200$ per piece More detailsCalculate


Loft-style furniture is a fairly new trend for Russian interior design. Although this trend originated in the United States in the middle of the twentieth century, it took more than half a century to develop into a full-fledged fashion trend. Now it is a trend based on the simplicity and freedom of using the correct, comfortable and competent furniture and planning the arrangement of household items. There are no strict stylistic canons, but convenience and practicality of the most necessary things prevail. To understand this phenomenon, one must remember its origins, which originate in the laconic architecture and minimalism of production and warehouse premises, which saturate the loft world, like the industrial close to it, with a very special, unusual philosophy.

For cafes and restaurants, business centers and offices, apartments and houses, we produce: countertops, chairs, armchairs, reception counters, consoles, wardrobes, shelves, partitions for zoning areas and lighting fixtures, as well as stairs and fences for the general concept of the interior. The layout of the building\'s interior space in this unique style will create an atmosphere unlike anything else.

Practical, reliable construction and high-quality materials used for manufacturing provide a long warranty of up to 50 years. Strong frames, which form the basis of design solutions and the use of solid wood of valuable species, exclude accidental breakdowns.

In addition, for special fans of the elevator fashion, we have prepared proposals for the development of magnificent options with slabs of oak, cherry, beech, walnut, pear and elm, decorated with transparent and matte epoxy resin.

The Art Forge company has its own collection \"Etiquette\", created in the interweaving of the industrial genre with the loft, presented at the St. Petersburg Design Week in 2018.

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