Wrought iron furniture

Furniture is a special class of products that represent not only practical but also artistic value. Metal goes well with wood, glass and stone, but what about textiles and genuine leather. This gives a huge scope for creativity of furniture designers and makes it possible to produce unique items for individual orders.

Kaiser wrought iron table КОС-1

Baroque table

Цена: from 2172$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Bed Honey Dreams КОК-1

Art Nouveau bed

Цена: from 3760$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Bench New homestead СЛК-1

Baroque bench

Цена: from 1716$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Bench Mysterious Forest СЛК-2

Bench in author's style

Цена: from 1964$ per piece. More detailsCalculate

Virginia table КОС-2

Colonial style table

Цена: from 1670$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Swallowtail bed КОК-2

Art Nouveau bed

Цена: from 5000$ per piece More detailsCalculate
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Bench Maison dete СЛК-3

Baroque bench

Цена: from 2104$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Forest Mystery Table КОС-3

Fantasy table

Цена: from 1450$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Wrought iron bed galaxy КОК-3

Art Nouveau bed

Цена: from 3480$ per piece More detailsCalculate
Кованая лавка Пуатье

Shop Poitiers СЛК-4

Bench in classic style

Цена: 1808$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Korn КОС-4

Loft style table

Цена: from 4200$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Bed Toulon КОК-4

French style bed

Цена: from 3200$ per piece More detailsCalculate
Кованая скамейка

Bench Reflection СЛК-5

Art Nouveau bench

Цена: from 3480$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Charleroi КОС-5

Classicism table

Цена: from 2560$ per piece More detailsCalculate
Кованая кровать Авиньон

Avignon bed КОК-5

French style bed

Цена: from 3400$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Modern forged sofa СЛК-6

Wrought iron sofa

Цена: from 3740$ per sq.m. More detailsCalculate

Florence КОС-6

Renaissance table

Цена: from 3280$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Roma bed КОК-6

Roman style bed

Цена: from 2860$ per piece More detailsCalculate
Комплект мебели

Blacksmith furniture Shrek СЛК-7

Author's set of furniture

Цена: from 1033$ per set More detailsCalculate
Кованая кровать

Lily bed КОК-7

Author's style bed

Цена: from 920$ per piece More detailsCalculate
Кровать прованс

Juliet’s bed КОК-8

Provence style bed

Цена: from 780$ per piece More detailsCalculate
Кованая скамейка

Forged bench Kuban СЛК-8

Forged bench in the author's style

Цена: from 633$ per piece More detailsCalculate
Кованая кровать

Bed Magic КОК-9

Art Nouveau bed

Цена: from 900$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Bench Passage СЛК-9

Classic bench

Цена: from 720$ per piece More detailsCalculate

Forged interior items

It is quite rare to meet wrought metal furniture in the setting of houses and apartments, despite the fact that it has a lot of undeniable advantages.

Its range is very large:

  • underframe for marble, composite, wood or glass top,
  • beds with a lifetime guarantee,
  • benches,
  • chairs, stools, benches,
  • racks
  • and even bath coasters.

All this is not as expensive as it seems at first glance, especially when you consider that children and grandchildren will use it. The exclusive harmonious design of art forging, worked out to the smallest detail by the designer in the right style, will never go out of fashion.

Metal headset manufacturing technologies

We use high-quality structural and stainless steel, copper and brass to create forged items in our forging industry. Additionally, coniferous and hardwood timber, stone slabs and various types of glass, leather and fabric are used. Fittings are produced by hot forging, embossing and casting. The assembly of products can be carried out both by a welded method and by a forging method using rivets and clamps. When planning shipment to other regions of Russia and the world, we are developing a collapsible design based on high reliability locksmith bolted joints. The paintwork is carried out with high quality paints and varnishes.
Let`s not forget that handmade works have aesthetic value, so furniture can be complemented by decorative elements and author`s decoupage, patinated or gilded with gold leaf or pure gold leaf. In our workshop you can order not only the usual pieces of furniture - tables, beds, benches, but also exclusive furniture in the loft style.

Assortment of furniture in Art Forge

The exploitation of interior items is often very intensive. This is especially true for tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs and wardrobes and beds. The safety margin of all-metal assemblies manufactured at Art Kuznitsa allows you not to worry about the likelihood of breakage and the need for premature repairs.
If you do not break it deliberately and deliberately, then the furniture ordered from us is guaranteed to serve you and your descendants for more than one century.
Delivery to anywhere in the world by transport companies.

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