Pergolas and arches

Pergolas and arches, as small architectural forms, perform tasks in garden and park landscaping, and are also a decorative decoration of any landscape. Many centuries ago, in the gardens and parks of palaces, entire corridors of metal or wooden arches and pergolas entwined with green plants were installed. An example of this is the constructions in the summer garden in St. Petersburg, in Peterhof, in the Versailles palace and park complex.

The arch is a small vault that can be installed with a bench or swing and create a shadow curtain of curly flowers and weaving vines. It will also look great near bridges, which are indispensable in the zoning of territories with streams and artificial reservoirs. The pergola is a more massive structure, consisting of a slightly larger number of parts: support pillars, feet, beams, battens, struts. They play a role identical to the veranda or gazebo in which you can hide from the sun. Often, such awnings are used to form a shadow that protects cars.

These buildings can be made in a wide variety of configurations, in the form of a rectangle or rounded edges, with domed roofs reminiscent of oriental tents. The style decision depends on the landscape project, taking into account the features of the relief, the adjacent land, as well as the exterior of the house. Sometimes a holistic composition of blacksmith\'s elements with outdoor furniture made of wood or stone, corresponding flowerpots, flower beds and sculptures is selected. The design is determined by the artist, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. First, a sketch is created in the specified style and proportions, if necessary with reference to the terrain. It reflects the overall look with detailing, ornamentation and attachment points. After that, drawings with working documentation are prepared and given to the blacksmiths, who translate this work of art into reality. To create a more lacy pattern with small curls, volutes and floral motifs, hot forging is used, where every detail is hand-made. Simpler things inherent in the avant-garde or high-tech style, using straight and bent metal structures, assembled for welding and locksmith connections. After manufacturing, all components are treated with special anti-corrosion components and covered with professional paints. This helps to preserve the appearance and the integrity of the product units for many years, despite the aggressive effects of weather conditions.

Forged mafs installed on the personal plot create a unique atmosphere of celebration and comfort, luxury and incredible beauty.

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