Pergolas and gazebos

In the long-gone 18th and 19th centuries, the lands at the palaces of the elite and the ruling class were decorated with wrought-iron gazebos, which were a place filled with romance and silence, as well as a sign of exceptional taste.

Centuries have passed, and interest in these structures has survived to this day. Increasingly, in suburban, public park and garden complexes, one can find small landscape architecture assembled from parts forged by blacksmiths in a variety of styles, using forging and artistic casting. Mostly, these are open-type buildings installed on a solid foundation or screw piles. Of course, there are also closed ones, in which you can hide from strong winds, torrential rains and the scorching sun.

The device of forged arbors is very diverse, they can be of any geometric shape, with the most unusual stylistic design, according to the individual sketches of the artist, and also made in a single architectural solution with other objects located in the garden or park.

In the manufacture of steel, copper and brass are used. All details are forged by hand in the forge. Sometimes the assembly takes place with the addition of stamped elements. After the completion of work, all products are treated with anti-corrosion agents that protect the metal from adverse weather conditions. These are special primers, two-component enamels or powder paint. All this contributes to a long service life. Sometimes a combination of materials is used with glass, polycarbonate, concrete, stone and wood.

In such buildings you can often see benches, gates, railings, bars on the windows, benches and tables with decorations and knots created by blacksmiths. In addition to ornate patterns with a floral theme, you can decorate such a metal structure with fresh flowers in flowerpots or flowerpots, as well as lanterns placed on poles or under the roof.

Modern urban areas are radically transformed when they are placed on them as trendy minimalist loft and high-tech pergolas with perforation and laser-cut patterns and ornaments, and classical, in the style of Baroque, Rococo, Empire and Gothic. With the advent of MAF and art objects, the space of megalopolises is filled with an aura of aesthetics. Thanks to environmentally friendly raw materials from which structures are made, impregnation of wood with antiseptics of deep penetration and anti-corrosion treatment of metal surfaces, they will serve for many years without harm to the environment and will preserve an extraordinary history for posterity.

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