Horseshoes and panno

Among the interior decorations made with the use of artistic forging methods, one can distinguish horseshoes and panels, which from ancient times have been considered not just interesting handicrafts, but household items that carry their unique and exclusive function.

Since ancient times, the horseshoe was considered not only a device for protecting horse hooves, but was a symbolic talisman of happiness. It was attached from above to the upper platband or crossbar above the door and even in the bedroom above the bed. Today, horses are practically not used on the farm as a vehicle, because there are cars for this. However, as before, many people want to have this lucky talisman, which has become a kind of decor element.

They are made from steel, copper, bronze, silver and even gold. Often combined with wood, glass and stone, decorated with gems and various patterns applied by engraving and embossing. This custom-made blacksmith\'s product will be a wonderful gift.

A forged panel created by an experienced blacksmith-artist can be a real masterpiece of decorative art. The frozen lines and shapes imagined by the master will perfectly fill the interior and exterior of the house. A very special bas-relief embodied in metal will be a bouquet of flowers, or a sunflower with birds pecking at its seeds, a rural landscape with a plowman and a plow drawn by bulls, and maybe an endless water surface with a distant island and a lonely yacht. To create your own work, reflecting dreams or experiences, an individual sketch is prepared. The artist accurately materializes all the thoughts and fantasies voiced by the customer. Such works will transform the wall of the hall or living room, decorate the reception or billiard room, sheathed with valuable wood, replacing the painting. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent alternative for a partition that separates the areas of the room, as well as landscape design decorating an orchard.

The creative theme is very diverse. It all depends on the overall architecture. It can be a historical ornament, patterns illustrating plants and animals, as well as original solutions in high-tech or steampunk style. Metal products are perfectly combined with wood, glass and stone surfaces. In the case of such a design, every detail and connection gives the product volume, beauty and naturalness.

Expressive compositions, forged with filigree craftsmanship are an unusual, but the most aesthetic approach to the improvement of a residential building, business center, office, restaurant, hotel, hotel, bar, fitness room, equestrian sports complex, golf club or local area. They do not require special care and are preserved for many years, and its exclusivity and originality will favorably emphasize the correct taste of the owner.

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