Works of art

We offer you to become the owner of your own masterpiece of blacksmithing art. Together with you, we will develop sketch drawings based on an existing sample created by famous architects and artists. It can be a replica of a product, or it can be a free interpretation in the required style, an expression of your creativity.

Personal contribution to cultural heritage

Masterpieces of architecture and art are not often born by outstanding builders and craftsmen. Artistic forging, without exaggeration, can be called one of the most important components in the beautification of buildings. Architects have traditionally turned to her for a long time in order to emphasize the dignity and beauty of churches, temples, museums, the most important government residences, theaters, restaurants, shops and even residential buildings.

Many famous buildings, representing priceless monuments and belonging to UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the brainchild of human creative genius, contain the works of the strongest specialists of their time. The brightest of them are the palace complexes Belvedere and Schönbrunn in Austria, Augustusburg in Germany, the mansions of Victor Hort in Brussels, the Jesuit church in the German city of Manheim, the Chantilly castle, the Small and Elysee Palace in France and Buckingham in London, the modernist buildings of Antoni Gaudí and numerous buildings , fences and gates of St. Petersburg.

From all this splendor and grace, you can glean the most iconic techniques and forms for new works, focusing on some details and changing others, developing and combining different styles. Our designers, sculptors and blacksmiths can create a unique project for you that will truly decorate your property, increasing its value and significance.

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