Handles and bolts

Forged fittings are the main part of doors, gates and wickets and perform their basic function when opening and closing. It is simply impossible to imagine them without this attribute. It is, in its own way, a business card on which the attention of people is focused. They should be beautiful, reliable and comfortable.

Forged handles

Aesthetics and a harmonious combination of fittings with the interior is a must, regardless of the style of execution, be it high-tech, loft, baroque, Empire, Renaissance, knightly or folk style.

The design of handles, hinges and bolts can be very varied.

  • stationary, having a simple geometric shape and fastened with screws
  • sophisticated models with latches and roller locks, which are needed to hold closed.
  • the most technologically advanced and labor-intensive are made according to the individual sketches of the artist, taking into account all the wishes and interior preferences of the customer or designer.

Manufacturing technologies for forged fittings

The base is made of various metals: cast iron, bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel coated with titanium nitride. Often the surface is painted in gold or silver. Sometimes a special patina is applied to give the effect of aging. With regard to artistic forging, very interesting samples were created by the leading masters of Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Great Britain.

The handles can have a different device: a bracket, a ring or a movable hook and are divided into two types: overhead and through. Some are intended for exterior, others for interior design. The former are installed on wicket and gate metal structures that provide access to the adjacent territory, the latter are placed on front or interior doors.

The plates are attached to the door leaf from both sides using self-tapping screws or welded joints. To install mechanical parts, it is necessary to drill a hole, since such elements are mainly equipped with a lock.

For entrance doors from the street, knock handles are often used, it has an original design and is perfect for any style. Latches, locks and latches forged by blacksmiths are considered not only a great solution for decorating the entrance to a building, but also a durable protective mechanism. They are made of strong material and hardened. Anti-corrosion treatment is carried out in several ways: chemical oxidation, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, gilding, as well as varnishing, priming and painting. All options protect products from corrosion and aggressive weather conditions.

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