Benches and benches

It is impossible to imagine a park or garden without benches or benches. These items are indispensable in public places for walking and recreation. They are made in any preferred style according to individual sketches proposed by the artist or the customer. An excellent option would be to recreate replicas of old benches of the past centuries.

Garden benches forging technology

Various materials are used for our products: steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper and brass. Combination with wood and stone is possible. They can be any composition, with simple geometric shapes and ornate floral, animal or lace patterns.

There are differences in designs, which are the most standard or made in the form of a swing with a hinged polycarbonate roof, as well as a solid sheet of metal with a decorative carved cornice.

For resistance to weathering, steel parts are pre-galvanized or coated with industrial two-component modified resins with epoxy paints and polyurethane enamels containing anti-corrosion pigments. We also use powder painting method. To protect wooden elements, they are treated with special non-washable and glazing antiseptics.

Considered a special landscape decoration, forged benches have harmony and rich appearance, strength and resistance to weather conditions. They are perfectly combined in any exterior and create an extraordinary, sometimes even magical atmosphere, brought from an old cinema or royal gardens of past centuries.

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