Sculptures and art objects made of metal decorate not only streets and public spaces of cities, but are often installed in the halls and atriums of shopping and entertainment centers, at train stations and airports, in business centers and sports facilities. Our artists will develop original and beautiful projects for you, and the craftsmen will make them in full accordance with them.

Where are sculptural compositions used?

Landscape decoration is an integral part of the image of any, even a small settlement. It is impossible to imagine a metropolis without sculptures and monuments. Art objects made of iron are sometimes used to decorate the adjoining plots of cottages and apartment buildings. Unique ideas of designers embodied in small architectural forms are considered an excellent option when it is necessary to renovate abandoned buildings of factories and factories, to make them a point of attraction for the creative class, and to increase their attractiveness.

It is possible to transform the appearance of the site without colossal costs, because the metal sculptures created for a given theme and the needs of the customer fit organically into the general concept of the surrounding area. Today, similar items of modern design can be seen in public gardens and parks, in front of business centers, in the courtyards of residential buildings, as well as in shopping and entertainment complexes.

Works of art by urbanists help:

  • Create art space in a familiar environment
  • Enhance the landscape with dominants
  • Express the values and views of the community or private patron
  • Form a positive image of the property and its owner
  • significantly increase the recognition of the location

Metal sculpture manufacturing technologies

Steel, as a material for making art objects, is one of the most convenient and practical solutions. For these purposes, corten, stainless steel and black metal products are used, followed by processing. In addition, commonly used raw materials include copper, bronze, brass and aluminum. They do not require serious maintenance and are resistant to atmospheric precipitation, which guarantees a long service life.

The use of the listed metals in any combination in Art Forge allows you to embody any creative ideas, regardless of the level of complexity. Polished iron elements become elements of futuristic styles in the interior, and Cor-Ten designs date back to the peak of European fashion. Nowadays, they increasingly play an important social role, focusing on issues related to environmental problems, stratification, intolerance in society and the terrorist threat. Art is more than just aesthetics.

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