Wrought iron tables

Metal tables and bases are a great attribute for an apartment or house, office or residence, restaurant or hotel. For many connoisseurs and connoisseurs of interior decor, architects and designers, beautiful blacksmith’s underframes under slabs, stone or glass have become familiar.

Purpose and varieties of forged tables

The range of use of tables with metal bases practically does not differ from wood, glass, concrete and plastic. The difference lies in the strength, durability and service life of furniture items, the main parts of which are made in the forge.

They may be:

  • kitchen,
  • dining rooms,
  • magazine
  • and even office.

Table forging technologies

For their manufacture, the method of hot forging and metalworking, plasma, laser and water-jet cutting of steel sheets is used. Assembly is carried out by welding and threaded connections.

Advantages of handmade metal furniture

  • Beautiful appearance;
  • strength;
  • reliability, long period of operation;
  • exclusivity.

All this is considered to be the indisputable advantages of this type of furniture.

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