Hangers and mirrors

Decorating a house, apartment or office is sometimes a difficult task, because not a single detail is left unattended. From what quality of performance it is, one can judge the aesthetic development, welfare and status of the owner. And as it usually happens, at the entrance we are greeted by two main objects: a hanger and a mirror.

Hangers are one of the first pieces of furniture to greet the homeowner or his guests. They can be wall-mounted, with a different number of hooks, a bar with hangers, a shelf for hats and a mirror included in the composition. The most interesting and beautiful of them are made using artistic forging and carpentry art. There are floor-standing options, with the same set of functions with the addition of a stand or basket for umbrella holders, pedestals and benches. There are voluminous designs with comfortable triangles for suits and outerwear. For manufacturing, stainless steel, black metal, cast iron and bronze are used. The design is selected in accordance with the interior of the room and drawn by the artist.

Thanks to the properties of the metal and the skillful hands of the blacksmiths, every detail is forged by hand with precision and design. Beautiful ideas without distortion are embodied in baroque lace patterns with floral motifs, gentle Renaissance, East Asian and Arabic ornaments, unusual avant-garde and art deco. There are also sculptural moments when the dressing room in the hallway is made in the form of a man in a hat, a horse on its hind legs, a tree with a bird or any other figure. The range of creative searches depends on the wishes and preferences of clients.

For the lobby of restaurants and cafes, a wrought-iron frame for mirrors made in the old royal style with unusual curls, flowers and intertwined lace will be a suitable choice. For a hotel, hotel or bar in modern American style, strict geometric solutions with rounded corners are suitable, and for those decorated in a country theme, the optimal decoration will be a shape forged with a neat and inspiring rustic roughness, complemented by wood and ceramic inclusions. This will not only adequately reflect the exceptional taste, but also create a harmony of materials: steel, glass, wood and ceramics.

Finally, the knots are covered with a special blacksmith paint and patina, which creates an aging effect. The owners of such products become owners of unique and amazing works for many years, which will be proudly passed on to the next generation.

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