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Bath in the author’s style

A beautiful bathhouse decorated in an unusual artistic style, more reminiscent of Russian folklore mixed with a modern reading and vision of folk tales. In addition, the presence of lines and forms inherent in modernity arouses curiosity. The walls and ceilings are wooden, as are the shelves and window frames. Glass is decorated with stained glass painting. The shelves are made of aspen or linden board. The floor is finished with stone. This design solution can be considered for bath complexes and spas.
We will create a wonderful design, in the development of which you can directly participate.

Style: Author's, pseudo-Russian

To minimize the loss of thermal energy, the walls of the steam room are insulated along the crate with special fireproof heat-insulating materials, which must be environmentally friendly and have high resistance to moisture and bacteria. Then they are covered with vapor barrier and foil. The next step is to cover the planes with boards. The shelves are assembled with the calculation of the strength characteristics by experienced carpenters.
The wood is bio-protected by coating with antiseptics for saunas.

Manufacturing time: From 33 days
Guarantee period: 3 years
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