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European luxury sauna

A wonderful and unusual sauna, made in a mixture of minimalist style with triangular shapes inherent in deconstructivism. Wall and ceiling cladding is carried out with calibrated boards of different widths. The shelves are made of linden or aspen furniture board. The stove of a laconic design is installed in the middle of the room on a stone floor. This design solution can be considered for steam rooms of various sizes from small saunas to large ones in spa complexes.
The Art Forge company can develop a unique design that suits you.

Style: Minimalism

For maximum energy efficiency, the walls of the room along the crate are insulated with special non-combustible heat-insulating building materials, which must be environmentally friendly and have high resistance to moisture and bacteria. Then they are covered with vapor barrier and foil. In the next step, the planes are sheathed with selected sawn timber. The shelves are assembled with the calculation of strength characteristics by experienced craftsmen.
The wood is protected by coating with antiseptics for saunas and baths.

Manufacturing time: From 30 days
Guarantee period: 3 years
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