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Designer sauna

Sauna with futuristic design. Special design solutions involving the placement of the heater in the central part of the room, inside a parametric round frame. Backrests and curtains are equipped with decorative lighting. The walls are faced with precious woods in light shades. The ceiling light is a unique chandelier with spherical reflectors that scatter light throughout the space. The floor is finished with wood or tiles with a drain for water drainage. Electric oven with stones for steam. This concept is great for a spa, hotel, hotel or water park.
Our designers will create an exclusive project that will not leave you indifferent.

Style: Futurism

Competent construction of saunas and baths provides for minimal heat loss during subsequent operation. Air circulation in the room is also being considered. The walls are insulated with environmentally friendly and safe materials with increased hydrophobicity. After that, they are covered with vapor barrier and foil, and then sheathed with clapboard, panels or block house. Electrical installation is done by qualified electricians.
Biosecurity of wood is provided by antiseptics that are harmless to health.

Manufacturing time: From 35 days
Guarantee period: 3 years
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