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Scandinavian style sauna

Steam room in beautiful natural colors. The special color and design of the backrests and canopy makes this option very attractive. The walls are faced with noble wood species such as larch, oak, beech. This makes the interior atmosphere completely unique. The vertical walls of the shelves are parametric, the benches are made of abasha or linden thermowood. Point ceiling lighting. The floor is finished with stone or tiles with a ladder for water drainage. Wood-burning or electric stove at the request of the customer. This design is a good choice for a private home or small spa complex.
Our artists will make a unique project that you like.

Style: Scandinavian

Professional construction of saunas and baths necessarily provides for the minimization of thermal energy losses and takes into account the air circulation inside the premises. The walls are insulated with environmentally friendly and safe insulation materials with increased moisture resistance and the effects of microorganisms. The next step is to cover them with a vapor barrier, foil, and then sheathe clapboard. Electrics and lights are installed by certified specialists.
Wood protection is provided by coating with antiseptics, harmless to health.

Manufacturing time: From 36 days
Guarantee period: 3 years
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