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Price from 1450$ per sq.m.

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Modern designer sauna

Premium designer sauna. The alternating colors of the canopy boards and the artistic play of the angles create stunning visuals. The walls are faced with clapboard made of valuable wood species: linden, larch or oak. Fiber-optic point lighting around the perimeter of the steam room. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles with a drain for water drainage. You can put wood grates on top. An excellent option for a house or apartment, as well as a mini-hotel.
The company’s designers will create a great project that suits you personally.

Style: Modern

During the construction of baths and saunas, minimum heat losses during operation should be provided. Air circulation is being considered. The walls are insulated with such environmentally friendly and non-combustible building materials as mineral stone wool, which have the necessary moisture resistance. They are sheathed with vapor barrier and foil. Only after that the lining is mounted. Wiring and installation of lighting devices is carried out by specialized specialists.
Protection of the tree is provided by antiseptic impregnations that are harmless to health.

Manufacturing time: From 29 days
Guarantee period: 3 years
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