Sauna Samurai


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Sauna in Japanese style

A simple and laconic sauna, featuring a spacious, spacious steam room with an electric heater located in front of the canopy. Two-thirds of the walls are faced with horizontally arranged clapboard, and the rest with vertically milled round ends of the boards. This finishing technique vaguely resembles bamboo. To create color, the bench is made in Japanese style. Spot lighting. Square ceramic tiles are laid on the floor at an angle with water drainage through the ladder. Wood floor grates are located at a height of thirty centimeters from the floor. A great option for a house or apartment, as well as a mini-hotel.
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Style: Japanese

When building a bathhouse for a comfortable operation, the minimum heat loss with proper air circulation must be taken into account. The walls are insulated with environmentally friendly and non-combustible building materials. It can be mineral stone wool with the required moisture resistance. Then they are sheathed with vapor barrier and foil. Then the lining is mounted. The installation of lighting fixtures and wiring is carried out by qualified specialists.
Wood protection must be provided with antiseptics harmless to the body.

Manufacturing time: From 2 weeks
Guarantee period: 2 years
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