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Sauna with a panel made of salt bricks

A beautiful sauna with a multi-colored panel made of salt bricks. The decoration of the walls and shelves is quite strict, in a uniform color scheme, straight and perpendicular lines. Wall cladding made of aspen or linden, with fiber-optic ceiling lighting and LED lighting. The floor is finished with stone or tiles with a ladder for water drainage. This design solution is optimal for a house or apartment.
We will develop for you a bright, rich or laconic design, taking into account all your wishes.

Style: Scandinavian

Correct professional construction of saunas and baths, without fail, provides for the creation of conditions for minimal loss of thermal energy while ensuring air circulation inside the steam room. All walls are insulated with special environmentally friendly fireproof heat-insulating materials that are highly resistant to moisture and biological effects. After that, they are closed with vapor barrier and foil, then the planes are sheathed with clapboard. The installation of an electrician is carried out by qualified specialists.
Biosecurity of wood is provided by coating with antiseptics.

Manufacturing time: From 21 days
Guarantee period: 2 years
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