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Price from 1280$ per sq.m

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Designer sauna

Beautiful designer sauna of premium class, made using several options for finishing and building materials. Wall and ceiling cladding is made of larch clapboard, shelf boards are made of linden or aspen furniture board. The wall protection near the stove is made of natural stone, which gives the steam room a special flavor.
We can offer the creation of an individual design that suits you.

Style: Eco

For maximum energy efficiency, the walls of the room along the crate are insulated with special non-combustible heat-insulating building materials, which must have high moisture resistance, biostability and environmental friendliness. Then they are covered with vapor barrier and foil. Then the planes are sheathed with wooden clapboard. The shelves are assembled with a safety margin by experienced carpenters.
The protective coating of wood is made with antiseptics for saunas and baths.

Manufacturing time: From 28 days
Guarantee period: 2 years
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